Scenes From a Jeep

Scenes From a Jeep

Sunday, March 10, 2013


This is DaVinci. And this is DaVinci's Jeep. Traveling with DaVinci in his Jeep is probably the closest I'll ever get to touring with a rock band. In DaVinci's Jeep, he is the rock star, and every stop along the way is a public appearance and photo opportunity for him and his fans.
First, since DaVinci has no money, cannot drive, nor claim title to anything such as a Jeep, how can we say that this is DaVinci's Jeep? We make such an assertion based on net volume. When DaVinci and four adults travel in the Jeep, he occupies the largest interior space. DaVinci gets the entire rear cargo area while the rest of us pack light and sit in our seats with our luggage on our laps or under foot. Any thought of throwing our bags in the back with DaVinci is quickly dismissed by taking note of the amount of hair and drool found in his private space. If you do put something in his space, he gives a look as if to say, “Really? You're putting that there?”. So we dare not challenge.
Besides his travel arrangements, what else proves DaVinci's celebrity status? Well, a true celebrity needs the right name. Since Beethoven was already taken by some other popular large dog, “DaVinci” seemed the next best choice, and possibly a better one. Sure, Beethoven is named after a classical master, but DaVinci is the proper name of a true renaissance dog. His name also puts him in the elite realm of those known only by a single word, like Cher, Madonna, and Fabio.
Of course, celebrities need a following. DaVinci's following is second to none. Wherever he goes, people rush to meet him, often before he can get out of the Jeep. They call his name to get his attention and snap his picture endlessly. For the most part he rolls with it, but like true Hollywood elite, when he's had enough, he walks off and finds some quite spot to get away from it all. Wouldn't you?
And finally, what greater mark of celebrity status is there than being able to get into places the rest of us can only dream of? “No Dogs Allowed” is no problem for DaVinci. Restaurants, hotels, shopping malls... you name the normally “no pets” venue, and DaVinci simply walks in like he owns the place. On our last trip, we both stayed in the same “no pets” hotel, but naturally he got a better room.
So if you ever do get opportunity to meet DaVinci in person, don't get star stuck. You'll only embarrass yourself.  He's really a regular guy like you and me. He just does things with a bit more style and class. If he's in a good mood, he'll let you have a picture with him, and may even look into the camera. Offer him a doggy treat, and if it's up to his standards, he may eat it. Pet him on the head, and if he likes you, you may walk away with the best DaVinci souvenir of all... some signature drool. Never wash it off. Treasure it forever.

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